Don't trust bits, follow your dreams.

At DTB, which stands for Don't Trust Bitches, we embrace the raw, unfiltered truths of street life. Our brand name is inspired by American slang that resonates with those who have faced significant social challenges, endured hardship, and experienced the pain of broken relationships. DTB is more than a brand; it is a movement that speaks to the resilience and strength of those who face life's toughest battles.

Growing up in environments where trust is a rare commodity and betrayal is a frequent encounter, we understand that life isn't always fair or easy. Our slogan, “Don't Trust Bitches,” captures the essence of this harsh reality. It is not a phrase that promotes negativity or refers specifically to the female world, but rather recognizes the importance of self-sufficiency and inner strength.

DTB - because in a world full of uncertainties, trust is earned, not given.


DTB clothing is designed for those who have been through fire and come out stronger, for those who wear their scars with pride and use their experiences to fuel their determination. Each piece in our collection reflects the raw, uncompromising spirit of survival and resilience. We want to offer our community not just fashion, but a symbol of their journey and a testament to their strength.

We believe in turning pain into power and adversity into art. DTB is here to remind you that you are not alone in your struggle and that your story matters. Wear our clothes as a badge of honor, a statement of your indomitable spirit, and a declaration of your refusal to be defined by your circumstances.

Join us as we redefine what it means to be strong and overcome the challenges life throws at us.